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Nitromax contains azospirillum a Gram negative free-living nitrogen-fixing bacteria. When applied in the soil, azospirillum fixes the atmospheric nitrogen and makes it available to the plants. It could replace 25-50% of the chemical nitrogen fertilizer required by plants.

Other benefits of the formulation: In addition to providing atmospheric nitrogen to the plants, it also secretes plant hormones like indole acetic acid, gibberellins etc., vitamins and nicotinic acids for the maintenance of balanced nutrient, plant growth and yield.

Azospirillum is an eco-friendly liquid biological fertilizer formulation containing bacteria, Azospirillum which contain large amount of lipid granules, which enters the cortical cells of the root and fix up atmospheric nitrogen and also produces biologically active substances like vitamins, nicotinic acid, in dole acetic acid, gibberellins etc and helps in better retention of flowers and enhances the plant growth.

Recommended Crops: Paddy, sorghum, vegetables, maize, wheat and bajra.

Organic Certified Yes
Gives daily food to plants Yes
Available in liquid Yes
Available in powder Yes
Recommended for IPM Yes
Crop specific Yes
Any chemical ingredients No


  • It is a nitrogen fixing bacteria
  • It is a non symbiotic bacterium
  • It is free living bacteria

Mode of Action

A non symbiotic, free living, N-Fixing bacterium seen in garden land soils.

Recommended crops

Cotton, chilly, vegetables etc.


  • Better crop growth and seedling establishment
  • Helps to fix 20kg N/acre/year
  • Increases crop yield by 15-20%
  • Helps to reduce N.fertilizers by 25%
  • Plays a minor role in biological control of crop diseases
  • Produces vitamins like thiamine, Riboflavin, Nicotinic acid, Pantothenic acid, Cynacobalamine and hormones like IAA, GA etc

Methods of application

  • Seed Treatment: Mix 100ml. of nitro max with 1000 ml. of clean water, mix 20-30 kg. seeds
  • Seedling Dip: Mix 100ml. of nitro max in 20 litres of water. Dip the root system of seedling for 20min
  • Soil Application: Mix 5ml. of nitro max with 1 kg. organic manure. For main field/nursery application, (1acre) mix 1 litre nitro max with 200kg. organic manure



Rhizobium sp. is the symbiotic nitrogen fixer.

which fixes atmospheric nitrogen in the root nodule, formed in the roots of leguminous plants.

Suitable Crops

Ground nut, Black gram, Green gram, Red gram, Cow pea, Bengal gram, Mustard, Soy bean, French bean, Cluster bean, Lab-Lab, Sesbania sp, leguminous trees etc.,


  • Nitrogen fixation in the root and Stem nodules with nitrogenase enzyme
  • It adheres on the surface of root and enters through the root hair. Inside the cortical cells it forms symbionts and fix nitrogen
  • The enzyme will reduce the molecular nitrogen to ammonia which is readily utilized by the plant
  • Rhizobium can fix 50-200 kgs N/ha and 20-30 kgs Na/ha for the succeeding crops
  • It can increase yield up to 10-35%

Dosage and Method of application

  • Seed treatment: (200 gm per seed required for one acre.)
  • Seedling (Root dipping): (500 gms - 2 Kgs per acre)
  • Soil application: (5 - 10 Kgs per acre)
  • Application through Drip irrigation system: (10 - 20 Kgs per acre)